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Activities in Tanzania

What to do in Tanzania ? A Balloon safari !

Among the best activities in Tanzania, we definitely count this one : a balloon safari in the Serengeti will make your Tanzania Safari a memorable experience. You rise at sunset and gently fly over the endless plains of the Serengeti. The hot air balloon will float at treetop height above the baobabs and acacias, so you can see the animals close by.  Watching the wildlife from above, offers an unique perspective. Enjoy the peace and breathtaking panoramic views.

The balloon safari starts from 3 different locations in Serengeti National Park. The best time to have magnificent bird’s eyes views of the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti are:

Ndutu: February  Central Serengeti: April till mid- May, North Serengeti: End July, August, September

More information about the balloon flight: https://tanzaniaspecialist.com/en/hot-air-balloon-serengeti/

Price: $ 599,- per person

Canopy Walk / Treetop Walk

A really nice activity to do when you go on safari to Lake Manyara National Park is a walk among the treetops of the forest, named the Treetop Walkway. This is the first canopy walk in Tanzania and also the longest. You walk 370 meters on firm suspension bridges through the canopy of the Lake Manyara forest. It offers an unique perspective of the world around you. Enjoy the beautiful views and monkeys, butterflies and birds that surround you. This activity takes 30 minutes or longer, it depends how much time you spend on the bridges and platforms. A special experience during your Tanzania Safari, one of the best activities in Tanzania!

Price: $ 50,- per person

Hike to the beautiful Mount Meru Waterfalls (Tip! nice activity in Arusha #active)

This is one of our favorite activities in Arusha. Together with an English speaking guide, you will visit the Mount Meru Waterfalls. Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania. This beautiful mountain is located next to Arusha National Park. Mount Meru is an inactive volcanic mountain. The soil is very rich and therefore you can see many beautiful flowers and plants growing on your way to the waterfall. The people who are living on the mountain have their own traditions and the guide can explain you about their habits. The beautiful waterfall is located on the slopes of the Mount Meru and you will reach the waterfall after a beautiful hike from around 30 minutes. After that you will be rewarded with the refreshing water which comes from this beautiful mountain.

Price: $ 22,- per person (Excl. Transport which is approximately 30 minutes drive from your lodge in Arusha)

Quad Driving trough the Tanzanian Coffee Plantations, see the African culture from your own quad (Tip! Nice activity in Arusha #adventure).

During this “4 wheeling activity” you will drive on your own quad trough the Tanzanian coffee plantations. Reach the hidden tracks which you otherwise never would have seen during your safari jeep. This adventure will start in the middle of a coffee plantation. After some safety instructions, the guide takes you trough the coffee plantations. You will drive your own quad and you will follow your guide. Don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful views around you. This trip starts 2 kilometers out of Arusha (city) and will pass trough several beautiful local farms. Just enjoy the beautiful Tanzanian nature and culture because they are amazing! An activity to do during your Tanzania vacation that you will never forget.

1 hour quad drive: prijs: $ 95,- per quad, if you want together on 1 quad, the second person costs $ 75.- per persoon(Excl. Transport which is approximately 30 minutes drive from your lodge in Arusha, this will cost +/- $ 60,-)

2 hours quad drive: prijs: $ 170,- per quad, if you want together on 1 quad, the second person costs $ 90.- per persoon(Excl. Transport which is approximately 30 minutes drive from your lodge in Arusha, this will cost +/- $ 60,-)

* Driver must be 16+ years of age with a valid driver’s license for their country of residence to drive the quad bikes. Passengers must be 12+ years of age.  Child passengers are 12-16 years old.

Fun and cultural activity to discover Tanzania: Arusha Citytour

Explore the vibrant city Arusha on a day (or half day) tour. This city tour is a nice mix of fun and cultural experiences. Visit a local market, school, church and have a drink at a local pub. This is a perfect way to dip into the Tanzanian culture and daily life of the local people. During a full day tour a delicious lunch is included, together with a visit to a coffee plantation and floriculture.

Price: $ 49,- per vehicle (includes transport)

What to do in Tanzania ? Go to the Rundugai Hot Springs

The beautiful Rundugai Springs are located in the middle of the Sanya Plains, about 35 km from Moshi. It is a small oasis in the heart of a dry and dusty landscape. Locals call this wonder the ‘Chemka Maji Moto’ meaning ‘boiling warm water’. This refers to the way in which the bubbling water emerges from underground. The water has a nice temperature and is crystal clear, so you can see all the way to the bottom. The Rundugai Hot Springs are surrounded by tropical palm trees and impressive roots of big fig trees. It’s a true paradise and a great place to swim, relax, picnic and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. There is also a rope swing for jumping into the water. On clear days you can even see the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro from up here.

Price: $ 19,- per person (excl. transport $ 150,- per car, about 2 hours drive from Arusha)


#1 Activity in Zanzibar : Safari Blue !

The Safari Blue trip is a day trip where you’ll have the chance to visit 2 different snorkel spots with a Swahili traditional wooden boat called dhow. Those amazing spots are located in Menai Bay Conservation area which is known as one of the most beautiful snorkel spots in Zanzibar. There you will swim between beautiful colored fish ! This tour includes a guide on the boat and professional snorkel equipment is also provided !
A walk on a sandbank is also on the program and after these activities you will sail to an island where you will get a delicious Swahili seafood barbecue and try some local fruits and coffee.

All drinks such as water and sodas are provided during this entire trip and beer for lunch. There are also snacks on the boat and at the island. Along the way you also have the chance to spot dolphins, and during the whole day you will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar. You will also pass a remote mangrove forest where you can also take a dip.

This daytrip is highly recommended given the feedback from our customers! Definitely one of the best activities to do in Zanzibar Tanzania.

Price: $ 75 per person (excluding transport, that will differ regarding the place where your lodge is located


Materuni & Kuringe Waterfalls

The Kuringu Waterfalls are sited close to Moshi, at the beautiful village Materuni. These 70 meters high waterfalls are one of the tallest in the area. You walk with an experienced guides through hilly landscape and tropical rainforest before you arrive at these impressive waterfalls (40 min). The path leading to Materuni Waterfall is located 2500m above sea level. On the way you can enjoy views of coffee-, banana- and avocado plantations. Learn all about life in the local villages and the flora and fauna from your guide. If you like to take a dip in the crystal clear water of the waterfalls, please bring a towel.

The beautiful village of Materuni lies at the foot of the Mount Kilimanjaro. From here the views of Moshi and the Kilimanjaro peaks are amazing. In this charming green village you can get an insight in the cultural heritage of the Chagga people. They also will show you how they roast coffee the traditional way.

We advise you to wear sport or walking shoes during this trip. This activity combines well with a stay in Arusha.

Price: $ 29,- per person (excl. transport $ 150,- per car, about 2 hours drive from Arusha)

Mountainbike tour in Mto wa Mbu

The mountain bike ride in Mto wa Mbu is one of our favourite activities in Tanzania. Image yourself riding on a bike through the streets of an African farming village, surrounded by beautiful nature. Enjoy views of the banana- and coffee plantations and beautiful sights of Lake Manyara. During this ride you also visit an African school and get an insight in the daily life of local people. The activity will take about 2 to 3 hours. The ride is on fairly flat tracks, so people of all ages can do this activity.

Price: $ 45,- per person (you can combine this activity with a visit to Lake Manyara).

Canoeing at Lake Duluti & other lakes

Canoe safaris are a combination of fun, relaxation and beautiful sightseeing. You can canoe at the small crater lake, Lake Duluti, close to Arusha town. Surrounded by forest, this lake has a breathtaking scenery and rich bird life, such as eagles, kingfishers and darters. At the lakes of Arusha National Park it is even possible to see hippos, giraffes, buffaloes, flamingos and other animals during your canoe safari. It is a peaceful and relaxed experience, just the sound of flowing water and tropical birds. This activity takes about 1,5 hours and is led by an experience guide to secure your safety.

Price: $ 45,- per person (excl. transport ca. 30 min. drive from Arusha)

Activity for Nature lovers : Forest walk at Lake Duluti

If you love to walk in the beautiful nature, we recommend this hike along Lake Duluti to you.During this walk in the middle of the Tanzanian wilderness, you will discover the beauty and culture of Tanzania. Enjoy the beautiful birds flying in the forest and over the lake. The experienced guide can tell you a lot about the trees and the birds during this walk from 2-2,5 hour. One of the best activity to fully enjoy the nature in Tanzania.

Prijs: $ 49,- per person (excl. transport ca. 30 min. drive from Arusha)

Explore the town of Karatu

On the way to Ngorongoro you pass a town called Karatu. A great opportunity to get out of the vehicle and explore the local culture of Tanzania. Visit a market where you can buy spices, vegetables, handcrafted art, jewelry and much more. You can also taste local meals and snacks. Stroll through the streets of Karatu and immerse yourself in the Tanzanian culture. The Tanzanian Specialist guide will show you all the interesting places.

Price: free

Coffee Tour

One of the activities you should do when you are in Arusha or the surrounding area, is visiting a coffee plantation. Arusha has some of the biggest coffee plantations in East Africa. From the air you can already see the endless green fields. The coffee plantations are not only set in villages or cities but also some lodges are located within a coffee estate. During a coffee tour you learn how beans are grown, harvested, dried and processed: the entire cycle from farm to coffee cup. Enjoy the beautiful views of the green coffee fields and the pure taste of Tanzanian coffee.

Price: $ 9,- per person (excl. transport ca. 30 min drive from Arusha)

Horseback safari

Care to have a different style of safari? Try exploring the jungle on a horseback! During this horseback safari you will go off the beaten track through the beautiful untouched nature surrounding Mount Meru, a 45-minute drive from Arusha.

Less experienced riders will stay in the main dusty roads where they can see wildebeests and antelopes grazing. More experienced riders can explore the smaller meandering paths with their guide, spotting a rich array of wildlife such as zebras, wildebeests, moose and gazelles.

The horseback safari starts either at 8am or 2:30pm. It’s possible to end the morning safari with a beautiful lunch at the polo club where also the stables reside. The afternoon safari can be followed by a beautiful sundowner with a view on Mount Meru at the same club, and a delicious dinner after!

For those who want to watch a game of polo, they are welcome at the club on Wednesday and Saturday at 4:30pm or on Sunday at 10:30am.

Price: $ 95,- per person (excl. transport, lunch and/or dinner). 

Taste banana beer

You can see banana trees and plantations everywhere in Tanzania when you drive through the country. Bananas are part of the staple diet of the majority of Tanzanian households. Mto wa Mbu is one of the towns where farmers grown yellow but also red bananas. Some bananas are used for cooking, others to make banana beer. Banana beer is a traditional Tanzanian alcoholic drink made from fermented bananas. Everywhere in Tanzania you can get banana beer, from bars to village celebrations. Check out the brewing process and taste the unfiltered product at a local brewery. A cultural and original activity!

Price: € 9,- per person

Hunting with Hadzabe (Bushmen)

Lake Eyasi, south of the Ngorongoro Highlands, is home to the last remote Bushmen tribe, the Hadzabe. This tribe still hunt with bow and arrow on wild animals and gather insects, fruits and honey from the bush. The Hazabe Bushmen are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherers in Africa and live solely of the land. Just as in the Stone Age, like our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Experience the culture, habitat and way of life of the Hadzabe Bushmen first hand on this cultural activity. You go with the Bushman on a hunting trip early in the morning. Learn how they make fire and prepare their food. In the afternoon you will visit a market where Hadze trade their honey, fruits and other things for knives, arrows and spears that the Datoga silvermsith’s make. This cultural activity is absolutely a memorable experience and worth the extra time (3-4 hours).

Price: $ 50,- per person (Note that this activity takes an extra safari day)

Night game drive

Discover nocturnal animals in the Lake Manyara wilderness at night. The animals you rarely see at daytime, are often active at night, such as porcupines, civet cat, genets, bush babies, hippos, lions and leopards. It is a great opportunity to see animals in a different light. A knowledge guide will tell you all about these nocturnal animals. The night game drive in Lake Manyara National Park takes about 2,5 hours (20:00 – 22:30pm).

Price: $ 130,- per person

Tanzanite experience Arusha

Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones and mined only in Tanzania, at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. If you are interested to know more about this blue violet stone, a visit to the Tanzanite museum in Arusha is an activity for you. Learn about the history of this mineral, how it was discovered and mined. See for yourself how each expensive gem is graded and cut and if you like you can buy this one of these rare gems.

Price: free

Visit the Iraqw tribe and village

Tanzania is a mix of 120 different tribes, who all have their own language and way of life. The most famous tribe in Tanzania are the colourful Maasai, but there are more fascinating tribes like the Iraqw. The agricultural Irqaw mainly live in the Karatu region and are known for growing their own food and herding their cattle.

Visit one of the Iraqw villages and learn more about their history, habits and culture first hand. The Iraqw people are very friendly and known for their agricultural skills. On the seventh day of each month there is a big colourful market in Karatu where Iraqw people sell food, clothes, spices, cattle, art and much more. A nice change to get an insight in their trade goods and to buy an original souvenir. You can also visit a smaller version of this market on the twenty-fifth day of each month or the usual market in Karatu. Since this tribes lives mainly from tourism, it’s very common to leave a tip as appreciation for their hospitality.

Price: free

An activity in Tanzania for history lovers: Olduvai Gorge

Visit the 100 meters deep and 50 km wide Olduvai Gorge, a steep ravine sited between the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. This is one of the most famous archaeological locations in East Africa, where remains of the earliest humans were found. The hundreds of fossils (bones) discovered here date back millions of years. Olduvai Gorge makes the Ngorongoro Conservation Area an important place in the world for the study of human origins and human evolution. There is also a small museum you can visit at this spot.

Most people combine this activity with a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti National Park.

Price: $ 35,- per person

Meserani Snake Park / Maasai Museum + camel ride

Snakes and reptiles are difficult to spot in the national parks in Tanzania. In Meserani Snake Park you can see all the snakes that live in Tanzania. Some of the world’s most dangerous snakes like the Black Mamba, Puff Adder and Cobra. A guide will tell you where they live, what they eat and how they defend themselves. You can even hold a real snake! At this park they also have crocodiles, turtles and beautiful raptors.

Meserani Snake Park

There is also an informative Maasai museum where a Maasai warrior tells you more about their culture, traditions and how they build houses.

Lastly you have the opportunity to go on a camel ride to visit a nearby Maasai village (additional costs Tsh15,000 per person). Or you can choose to just have a short camel ride for a few euro’s.

This activity is a nice mix of culture, wildlife and physical activity.

Price: $ 20,- per person (excl. transport ca. 30 min drive from Arusha)


This is just a selection of the safari activities in Tanzania. Let us know if you have any specific wishes. We can organise all activities in Tanzania for you.

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